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lana del rey - young and beautiful (cover)

good enough.

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the baddest female - CL (cover)

i am not a rapper and i rush through english stuff because i suck at covers

but hey i made a thing so.

posted it on the wrong blog, damnit.

deleted it from helenaarielle, so ya. i made a thing.

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TLC - no scrubs (cover)

OH HAY, anyone still there? it’s been a while, so probably not lol.

anyways, here it is, newest cover.

ngl, am proud of myself for hitting the high notes, though i was kinda shaky and off at some points, but i feel like i kinda found my way back.

as for the rap, I AM NOT A RAPPER SO SHUT UP. went too fast at the beginning, and choked on a word or two, but oh well.

this is decent enough to post so ya.


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marina and the diamonds - primadonna (cover)


this was take 3, today is my first and only day of practising this, and i’m frickin’ tired now because breathing is effort. so please enjoy:

  • my heinous attempt at the second high “primadonna”. you’ll hear it, then you’ll know what i mean.
  • MY MISTAKE. sang too early and then to numb myself from self-embarrassment, i say, “well would you look at that”, laugh, and continue singing.

so yes, i am fully aware of my mistakes thanks.

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so it’s been a while since i’ve posted a cover.

this is boyfriend by justin bieber, but i’m singing it in the girl’s perspective, so i guess it’s “girlfriend” LOL.

God bless.

don’t judge TOO harshly? >_____<


rihanna - rehab (cover)

yes, i am fully aware that i didn’t actually do the intro.  and that i look high throughout the whole thing.

and if you turn down the volume, you get to hear my voice more.  i think i kept the sound way too high on my laptop >____<

WOOOOOOOOOOOOW just noticed i was wearing this exact same thing in one of my other videos.

look at my life, look at my choices.

lateeya - lullaby (cover)

with a special guest that just happens to be a piss. <3

lol, yes, i am aware we made mistakes ok.

and yes, this is my worst cover yet.

kayla hang - i choose you (cover)

there are some parts in here that i really regret saying because it’s so embarrassing, but no editing of da videos because idgaf.


youtube blocked it because they’re bitches.

but yeah, i made a cover.

ignore all the youtube “laptop covers” and youtube channel references and shit.

k bye.